It’s a competitive world, out there.

If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll know that you’ll have to work twice as hard now to stand out above the rest of the competition.

And if you’re a recruiter, you’ll be looking for those candidates with the right skills to match that new job posting.

Today’s infographic from ResumePrime is for both sets of people; without polishing the right skills, it’s difficult to get ahead and secure that job you’ve always wanted – whether you’re a candidate or a recruiter looking for a new job.

The vast majority of the skills listed in our infographic are what we call ‘soft skills’. These typically define personal attributes, mental strengths, and intrapersonal communication – as opposed to ‘hard’ skills like specialist engineering or manual work.

And, of course, every job will require you to possess many of these soft skills, as they ultimately drive the core of the business.

From organisational to emotional intelligence and critical thinking, polishing these skills isn’t easy, but will greatly improve your prospects moving forward in your career.